Do you like realism? Or want to do re-enactment in the digital world? Look no further.

The 272. Infanterie-Division is a historical re-enactment and in-game realism group. As the Division, we strive for reaching the highest level of authenticity possible in World War Two video games. We believe in that from these already close-to-real life games, pulling even more matter of realism is possible.

If you see you would like to work together to achieve the goal, to prove what these games can be capable of and you think you are serious enought to follow the real military slangs and tactics, attend to Drills and align yourself into the Chain of Command, enlist in the 272!



We do use and apply the real command structures of the German Army in WW2. It means, that every rank and position is a copy of its real life counterpart. By maintaining the proper hierarchy, It is easier to dispatch, forward and understand the commands which generally provides a more effective way to lead and communicate, also a more compelling experience for those who like role-playing or re-enacting. We do currently operate at the platoon level. Reference: https://www.wwiidaybyday.com - Kriegsstärkenachweisungen - Infanterie - Schützenkompanie 1.5.1944


We do provide trainings for new members before they get deployed to the battlefield. This ensures that everyone knows when and what to do, and how in the battle. The programme includes positioning on the battlefield, attacking and defending positions, also the corresponding commands for executing these actions.


Non-mandatory realism drills for historical re-enactment. For those want to do so, in the form of marching, rifle-drills, etc. as long as the game mechanic permits. With utilising special realism mods in the future, when they will be available, for lifting authenticity to the even higher levels.

one-life battles

On these events, all soldiers have one-life - they can not respawn, if not in waves, which depends on the type of the event. This mechanic ensures that the soldier plays more carefully, his decisions and actions throw a bigger weight on the outcome of the operation.

random battles

Of course, fun is not forbidden. Unit members can play together on other servers, or even in other games.

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